What it means to be part of the Charles Owen Innovation Hub!

What it means to be part of the Charles Owen Innovation Hub!

2023 has been a truly exciting year for us so far, and it just keeps getting better and better! We’ve unveiled a rebrand to become FR Vincitore, been working around the clock on the new Eventer Reins behind the scenes, heading to events whenever we can to cheer on our sponsored riders and, we can now reveal, also being the first ever business invited to join the Charles Owen Innovation Hub!

The Charles Owen Innovation Hub is an exciting business accelerator which has been set up to support people who’ve had amazing ideas to help improve the safety of riders and their horses but need some help to develop it into a product and reach consumers. Some lifesaving ideas may never see the light of day as there’s such a wide range of knowledge needed to launch a product. However genius the idea is, the people behind them, just like our founder Laurie, need help, and Charles Owen is there to provide it. Whether that help comes in the form of developing an idea into something that can become a real-life product, to advice on manufacturing and quality control or support developing a marketing and promo strategy, the Innovation Hub is a much-needed addition to the equestrian business landscape and one that we are thrilled to be part of.

Charles Owen is a legendary riding helmet brand that was founded by Mr. Charles Owen himself over 100 years ago in 1911, and ever since the company has had a laser focus on making equestrian sport safer for everyone taking part in it, whatever their level of ability, Now the trusted choice of leading riders, brand ambassadors and grassroots riders alike, Charles Owen has decided to enable support for everyone who has an idea, however small, that could make equestrian sport safer. With an inhouse team boasting highly experienced designers, engineers, marketers and more, Charles Owen is perfectly placed to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of safety innovators.

Here at FR Vincitore, we had already developed our product and gone through robust testing in conjunction with AMRC Cymru, part of the University of Sheffield, when we partnered with the Charles Owen Innovation Hub. What we needed was support and advice to help more riders and retailers learn about our product. The sales and marketing teams at Charles Owen have been a huge help and been connecting us with more people in the industry. We’re excited to see what comes next!

Our founder Laurie adds: “As an inventor, no matter how good you know your idea is, it can be lonely and expensive trying to make it a reality. I’d seen first-hand what happens when a rider or horse gets caught in the reins, yet it was harder than I ever thought to get people to sit up and take notice of my safety reins. Every day has been a learning curve, and something like the Charles Owen Innovation Hub would have been an enormous help to me when I was starting out. I really do urge people with an idea to get in touch with them - you never know where it might take you!”

The Charles Owen Innovation Hub is now open for applications from all British-based inventors and businesses. If you’ve ever had an idea for a product that you think could help riders stay safer in the saddle or protect horses when they’re doing their job, why not apply?