How FR Vincitore Was Born

FR Vincitore was born out of a desire to make riding safer.

While running her equestrian business Laurie Williams, founder of FR Vincitore and with a BSc in Equine Science, saw riders becoming entangled in their reins while falling and when operating gates while mounted. After speaking to parents and instructors who’d experienced the same thing, Laurie realised conventional reins were an issue that could and should be improved.
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“As a rider of 32 years, and mum to a super keen young showjumper, I’ve seen lots of incidents where reins got tangled, often endangering both horse and rider. But the one that sticks with me is seeing a little girl get entangled in her reins, and they wrapped around her neck. The reins refused to break, it was terrifying. I managed to grab the pony while her mum grabbed her. She was shaken and left with burns around her neck.

There had to be a way of making them safer, so I began thinking to design reins with a quick-release system. I wanted a simple, light-weight solution that separated the reins in an emergency, allowing both horse and rider to be easily freed from dangerous, dangling reins.”
laurie Williams
Extensive Safety Testing

State-Of-The-Art Safety

Laurie partnered with a team of product testing experts at AMRC Cymru, part of the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre. Experts there extensively tested the safety product at its state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing facility. The patented FR Vincitore system is innovative and practical.

“Producing a high quality product in the UK using the finest English leather was really important to me. In 2021 I approached an experienced bridle-maker who makes beautiful bridles and reins – he is now a highly valued member of the FR Vincitore team.

I’m so delighted with the FR Vincitore product! It’s helping make riding safer, and adding a little style. We are working with experts like equine scientist Dr David Marlin and are always looking to improve and create new products. Because my priority was making riding safer for children, I’ve focussed on safety reins for children and teens / small adults. So we’re now developing a new size of reins for adults. Watch this space!”

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