Introducing the new FR Vincitore Libre Reins!

Introducing the new FR Vincitore Libre Reins!

In last month’s blog we mentioned that Laurie was just back from Spoga Horse in Germany and whizzing around preparing for the National Equine Show in Birmingham. It was set to be our very first outing with the new trade stand and an amazing chance to meet customers and other equine business owners in person.

Now that the dust has settled, we’re pleased to report that the show was a huge success! The response to our unique quick-release connector was incredible, and people were so interested to see how it works and see our reins in person. We had so much amazing feedback on the look and feel of the reins too, in particular about the premium quality of the leather and fittings. Huge thanks to everyone who came to visit us and took the time to chat and ask questions. It’s literally a dream come true to be able to take Laurie’s vision from concept to reality and see how much people love the result! And, speaking of end results, we also have some exciting news for riders who love rubber reins and want to benefit from the FR Vincitore difference…

New! The FR Vincitore Libre Reins

We’re over the moon to share a brand-new design with you - the Libre Reins which boast a classic rubber grip. These reins come in two thicknesses - 12mm and 16mm - so you can choose the right grip for your preference and hand size, and you can choose to specify these with leather loops for extra grip if you like! They are British Eventing and British Showjumping legal so you can enjoy security, safety and style when you’re competing this summer, even at affiliated events. Plus, these reins start at just £58.00 so they are very kind on your purse – ideal when horses seem to empty your bank account at every opportunity!

Our new Libre Reins are the ideal choice for those of you who like the supreme grip rubber reins provide and, of course, they have the same quick-release connector as all our reins. That means they work exactly like regular reins - even if your horse sees a stride, throws a bronco-worthy buck or dives for a snack - but will release in a moment if you get tangled in them or they get caught on something. Each connector can be reused up to three times and we sell spare connectors in packs of one or three…

The new FR Vincitore Libre Reins are available in black or Havana brown leather in pony, cob or full size, and you can choose from a chrome or gold coloured quick-release connector. There are three safety connector options to choose from depending on the rider’s weight, so they are suitable for men, women and children. Take a closer look and snap up a pair here: