A new name for Free Reins!

A new name for Free Reins!

A new name for Free Reins: we’re thrilled to announce our new brand name, FR Vincitore!

We are thrilled to announce that Free Reins Equestrian has undergone an exciting transformation and will now be known as FR Vincitore. Vincitore means ‘winner’ in Italian, and we believe it reflects our commitment to horse and rider safety and positions us as the ‘free reins winner’ when it comes to our brand's values and aspirations.

FR Vincitore was first founded by Laurie Williams in 2021 and manufactures top-of-the-range safety reins that offer unparalleled protection and peace of mind to riders. These reins are specially designed to quickly release in the event of a rider or horse becoming entangled.

Working in close collaboration with product testing experts at AMRC Cymru, a division of the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, Laurie has ensured that our quick-release system activates only under significant load. That means the reins function just like traditional reins, providing a secure communication with your horse even during high-intensity activities such as navigating large hedges and drop fences cross-country or dealing with unexpected bucking and other ‘helpful’ behaviour! They will only release if you have a fall and become entangled in the reins, or if your horse accidentally snags a leg or catches them on something around you. The connector can be reattached and used up to three times before it needs replacing, and we sell service kits if you ever need to buy a new connector!

We are proud that our reins are not only loved by riders of all ages and abilities, but they are also recognised by prominent industry experts. Renowned equine scientist Dr. David Marlin and elite show jumping coach and five-time Nations Cup winner Mark McCourt have both provided their stamp of approval. Our reins are also British Eventing, British Showjumping and FEI competition-legal, so you can use them all the time - at home or on the biggest days out.

The rebranding to FR Vincitore comes at a time of exciting growth for our brand. We are delighted to have an ever-expanding stable of sponsored riders and our passionate fan base of grassroots riders continues to grow. We're in the process of establishing an innovative collaboration with a renowned equestrian helmet manufacturer, with a shared focus on pushing the boundaries of excellence and safety, and there’s a new product coming soon too.

So, make sure you stay tuned for more exciting updates and news, and valuable insights from the world of FR Vincitore. Ride confidently and embrace the spirit of a true FR winner!