A closer look at our different rein styles and grips...

A closer look at our different rein styles and grips...

It’s been an amazing first six months of 2024 here at FR Vincitore, and we can’t believe we’re only halfway through the year! We kicked off our events season early by heading to Spoga Horse with the team from the Charles Owen Innovation Hub, a trip that led to our partnership with This Esme. We also took the huge step of exhibiting under our own brand for the very first time at the National Equine Show in March. What a wonderful decision that turned out to be and it was a joy to meet lots of people face to face for the first time!

Since then, we've been able to share our work with This Esme with the wider world, and it’s been amazing, bringing so many new followers and customers our way. The competition season is just getting into its stride too, so we know that people are on the hunt for kit that will help them stay safe and ride to the very best of their ability. We’re proud to be the only company selling quick-release safety reins, so what better time to recap our collection, share the design differences and help you pick which is best for you.

The FR Vincitore Original Rein

Our very first rein design to be developed, tested and released on sale, the FR Vincitore Original was developed by our founder Laurie as a direct result of seeing riders and horses getting caught in their reins. Whether that was a small girl who became tangled by the neck falling from her pony or seeing horses running loose with their legs caught in their reins and catching their mouths, Laurie knew something had to be done. She was also convinced that the reins needed to look and feel like high quality leather reins while delivering that quick-release safety that was so clearly needed.

The FR Vincitore Original Reins are handmade from slim-profile ,high-quality leather, and we’ve included soft bio-grip technology to offer unrivalled grip in a range of conditions. The slim rein design means you enjoy subtle, sensitive communication with your horse and exceptional comfort in the hand. We were thrilled with the response to our Original Rein design, and so were you, our customers! You can take a closer look at this design here: https://frvincitore.co.uk/shop/fr-vincitore/fr-vincitore-original-rein/ Some of our customers  mentioned that you’d love some extra grip for those occasions when the weather or your horse makes staying steady and applying the brakes a little more challenging….

The FR Vincitore Eventer Rein

We unveiled our second design, the FR Vincitore Eventer Reins in autumn of 2023, just in time for the wet, wild and chilly weather of winter. As requested by our customers, we kept the slim profile rein design but added rubber grip and rubber stops to add even more grip. The result is a rein that’s perfect for all occasions, giving you the slim profile and feel needed for flatwork and the grip you rely on for jumping, faster work and riding in inclement weather. Just like our Original Reins, they are available in black or Havana brown leather in full, cob and pony length. To make sure you get the right connector for you, make sure you know your weight in kilograms and choose the connector with the weight range that best suits you.

Shop the FR Vincitore Reins here: https://frvincitore.co.uk/shop/fr-vincitore/fr-vincitore-eventer-rein/

The FR Vincitore Libre Rein

When Laurie started exploring another addition to our rein collection, she once again asked for feedback from our customers, followers and fellow riders to see what they wanted us to design. This time around the feedback was largely for rubber reins, so that’s exactly what we’ve delivered! Unveiled in March of this year, the Libre Reins are classic rubber grip reins and come in two thicknesses - 12mm and 16mm - depending on your hand size and preference. You can  choose to specify these with leather loops for extra grip if you like or have just the leather reins with a rubber coating.


We’ve also made sure that our Libre Reins sit at a lower price point than our other designs, starting at just £58.00 a pair. It’s a tough time to be a horse owner and we know that every penny counts, so we hope this is the perfect way to get your hands on safety reins without breaking the budget. Take a closer look at our Libre Reins here: https://frvincitore.co.uk/shop/fr-vincitore/fr-vincitore-libre-rein/