FR Vincitore (Black)

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FR Vincitore (Black)

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Vincitore black bio grip reins

From £105.00

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FR VINCITORE REINS in Black. Available in English or Italian leather, with options for different rider weights.

The FR VINCITORE REIN comes in a beautiful English leather or Italian leather

The design of the English leather rein focuses on functionality and precise control. It is typically narrower compared to other reins, allowing for a more sensitive and direct communication between the rider's hand and the horse's mouth. The slim profile enables the rider to maintain a firm and steady grip while providing subtle cues to guide the horse's movements.

As featured in Horse & Hound, our quick-release FR Vincitore are designed to put you and your horse’s welfare first, helping prevent entanglement in the event of a fall or whilst riding. Using the latest technology, we have designed reins that will reliably break when excessive force is applied.

The FR Vincitore safety system has been subject to extensive testing at AMRC Cymru, part of the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre’s network of cutting-edge research and development facilities. Its experts extensively tested the safety product at its state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing facility in Broughton.

Handmade in the UK with English leather and super soft bio-rein technology, these reins are extremely comfortable in the hand with unrivalled grip. This rein comes in black, in three different lengths. And you can choose between two colours of connector, either gold or chrome, with a black fastener.

There are also three different FR Vincitore connectors depending on rider weight. Make sure you choose the right connector for you.

Introducing Free Reins

Our patented quick-release reins are designed to put you and your horse’s welfare first.

Introducing the revolutionary Free Reins safety rein, a game-changer for both riders and their beloved horses. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this innovative rein is meticulously designed to prioritise your safety and your horse's well-being like never before.
"Safety is incredibly important when it comes to being around or riding horses. We support innovation and science-backed products – this [quick-release safety system] appears to be a well-designed product that we hope will decrease injury risk for both horses and riders."
dr davidmarlin
Dr David Martin
Equine Scientist
“I can’t believe they don’t already exist! These safety reins hugely reduce the risk of injury to horse and ride, every rider should be using them.”
placeholder headshot
Erin Coulter
Pony Club Centre Coach & Stage 4 Coach in Complete Horsemanship
Where safety, quality, and style converge

Helping to prevent entanglement while you’re riding or during a fall.

Introducing the groundbreaking Free Reins safety rein, a revolutionary advancement in rider protection. Unlike traditional reins with unyielding buckles, our innovative design automatically unclips when subjected to sufficient force, providing unparalleled safety. With the state-of-the-art safety connector, the reins separate effortlessly under pressure.

Experience peace of mind as you ride, knowing that the Free Reins safety system has undergone rigorous testing at the esteemed AMRC Cymru, part of the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre. With experts rigorously evaluating our product at their cutting-edge facility in Broughton, you can trust in the highest standards of safety and reliability.